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 Beef Festival @ Osmania University politically motivated or communalised

With the Osmania University authorities and police bluntly denying permission to conduct the proposed ‘Beef Festival’ and ‘Pork Festival’, student organizations are now turning to politicians to rope in support.

The organizers of the festivals are sending invites to politicians for the events scheduled for December 10. They have sent invites to the leaders of CPI, CPM, BSP, AIMIM, TRS and even BJP. Earlier, the BJP MLA from Ghosha Mahal Raja Singh Lodha vowed to stop the beef festival even by physical attacks. Meanwhile, the MLA has called on Hindutva organisations to participate in ‘Chalo Osmania’ programme on December 10.

Shankar, member of  AISF and the organizer of the beef festival, said they wanted to invite BJP’s Telangana president Kishan Reddy also but couldn’t get his appointment. Following the same course, the pork festival organizers too sent out invitations to politicians from TDP, TRS and AIMIM.

Srinivas Solankay, the organizer of the pork festival said Asaduddin Owaisi, the AIMIM party chief has been specially invited for the fest. Interestingly these festivals haven’t received much support from student bodies; in fact they have distanced themselves from the entire event.
The beef Festival was being held coinciding with the Human rights day at the campus, while the pork festival apparently is being held to confront the beef festival. The University will witness its second beef festival if this goes as per plan. However, despite all the warnings and rejections, the students seem unwavered and are adamant about going ahead with their plans. A 5k run was orgnaized on the campus in support of the beef festival. However, the police foiled the run and took the organizers into custody.

It’s the decision of students and it should be handled inside the campus itself. Political interference from outside is unwarranted and may lead to uneasiness inside the campus.

This was the undemocratic and unconstitutional to stop the students violently in this regard, as its against the constitutional rights of the individuals. Even the High Court verdict is baseless, and on Wednesday refused permission to hold beef festival in Osmania University. It directed the government to implement the directive of the City Civil Court on preventing the beef festival. ABVP leader Kadiyam Raju approached the High Court pleading it to direct the government to stop the holding of beef festival. Responding to the plea, the High Court directed the police to ensure law and order in OU. This is against the constitution, Article 29 (1) states: Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.03-1449119515-osmania-war-645

Beef is not completely banned in Telangana. If few backward community and minority students want to assert their identity by eating beef then no one should have any objection to it. It’s the decision of students and it should be handled inside the campus itself. Political interference from outside is unwarranted and may lead to uneasiness inside the campus. Students must take care that the peaceful educational environment of the campus is not vitiated and the anti -social elements should not be taking advantage of the fragile situation to create any sort of disturbances. India is a secular country and its campuses should also be secular in nature.

Even if court has given the verdict with (without) political pressure, it is to respected by the student community and follow accordingly, and they can struggle legally instead of insulting the verdict.

It is necessary for the creation of democratic environment in the campus and to make the students aware and active about the social issues and to involve them in socio political struggle.

The problem facing by the country and society at present to be addressed with constructive thoughts. Like fascism, communalism, violence and injustice. Fascist forces in the country are making continuous efforts to target backward class sections. Efforts to vitiate the peaceful situation in the country have been made earlier too, but now communalism in not only a danger but have become a power of institutionalised interference at the government level.

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