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 Not Welcome In India, SIO Show Benjaminn Netanyahu ‘Thumbs Down’

Yes, Al-Aqsa, Palestine is concerned to many across the world. Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), which is one of the biggest students and youth organisations across India has  given calls of solidarity with Palestine in 22 states out of 29 with strong presence and energy in a span of 6 months. Below is a flow chart of the calls.

Call – 1: When Israeli authorities put restriction to enter masjid Al-Aqsa in July 2017 which was later lifted after 12 days with huge protests by Palestinians and its supporters across the world, SIO made its stand in categorical terms as, “As you are well aware of the biggest conflict of our age,  the Palestine question. This has always been in the sight of international community and still requires true desires to fulfill the legitimate demands of Palestinian people. Unbridled atrocities of Israel on innocent Palestinians on a day-to-day basis  have made their lives sorrowful and deeply problematic.  This time Israel had planned an unusual blockade on the third most important Muslim holy site Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is completely unjust and wrong. It truly violates one’s fundamental right of practicing the faith in his/her own religion’s sanctuary also violates many rights guaranteed under UNHRC.  It’s the high time for every peace loving human being to stand and condemned the atrocious acts of Israel and guarantee Equal and Just rights for the suffering people of that Holy Land. And observed full Day of Remembrance for Al-Aqsa on 28th July 2017 naming ‘Al-Aqsa Day’ across the country,  to highlight the case of this ongoing conflict and to express the solidarity with Palestinian people.

Call – 2:  This was given at the time of the US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem  as Israel’s capital. SIO condemned openly American president’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel capital and said Jerusalem has been a sanctified land for all the three major Abrahamic faiths and likewise must be respected. This decision is absolutely one sided and cannot be reduced to mere justifications of conflict resolution. Israel has been serially violating Palestinian rights and instead of healing their wounds President Trump is in favour of unjust voices. International community and Muslims around the world must voice against this decision and truly assure Palestinian rights. Many cities across the nation gathered on streets to condemn the US President’s decision and it was loud and clear with the message “Jerusalem is Capital of Palestine”. Later in UN voting Indian government officially rejected the US President’s decision and stood with Palestine struggle as it was from years together.

Call – 3: Thumbs Down Against Netanyahu.

As Israel PM was the guest to India for his 6 days visit, prior to his visit a letter was issued by SIO to the President and Vice President of India, Prime Minister and External affairs Minister with following concerns. “Expressing strong discontent over the upcoming visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India, we believe that, by welcoming an internationally notorious leader, India has compromised its values of humanity and fraternity. Israel under his leadership has been crushing down innocent lives majority of them being kids and women, in the Palestinian territories. The brutal assault on the Palestinians with no concerns about their rights has been continuing for decades. Being a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, it is a very unlikely gesture from the Indian government to welcome the Israeli Prime Minister who stands against the very cause. SIO requested the state to cancel the upcoming visit of Mr. Netanyahu to India thereby proving sincerity in India’s sense of solidarity towards Palestine struggle.”  

With no positive response in this regard from the government, not only SIO but many peace loving organisations and those who are supporting the cause of Palestine were on streets to condemn the visit of Israeli PM. The protest and demonstrations started from 12th Jan, and continued in one after the other city. Not only protest, but awareness lectures, group discussions, one to one briefing the importance of Al-Aqsa, India’s support for Palestinian struggle and its shifts of present government, and several such activities are taking place.

Indians are not welcoming Netanyahu. Citizens of this country are coming up together to register their solidarity with Palestine.

Long live Palestine !!

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