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He have worked as an Assistant Professor for two & half years and contributed articles on various students/youth issues in Youth Ki Awaaz, HansIndia, The Companion, The Radiance weekly, Counter currents are among few. He Served as the General Secretary of Students Islamic Organization of India, and have also participated in many international and national conferences representing SIO like International conference for Rohingya, Conference on Assam NRC, International Conference on Islamophobia and International Conference of IIFSO at Turkey, among others.

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 Democrats should support the struggle for democracy in the university: SIO

New Delhi (November 2, 2017): People who belong to democracy and always talk about democracy should go ahead and support students who have been struggling for democracy in the Jamia Millia Islamia. After a long silence began. The students who have broken this silence and raised a voice for the rights of the students in a democratic institution are indeed congratulations.

The administration of the university should break its silence before the demands of the University Students Forum, which is comprised of various Indian student organizations, including the SIO of India.
The administration of the university is demonstrating rather than offering a concrete solution to the students struggling for their demands.

The university administration is still trying to hide the strong struggle of its students. A student is in hospital after a week-long hunger strike but the administration is not yet ready to consider the demands of students seeking democratically restored union.
Instead of restoring the ‘Students Union Election’, the administration showed its seriousness and said that it is a matter of court and we cannot interfere in it. If the administration is really serious about the matter, it should be prepared to reject any doubts, in an affidavit in court, stating that they will restore the student union in the university.
Therefore, we urge all believers in democracy to fully support the fight that is being fought for the survival of democracy in the Islamia University.
We demand from the administration of the Jamia Millia Islamia that the matter should be resolved as soon as possible by the restoration of the student union while maintaining the democratic atmosphere of the campus.

Among those addressing the press conference were
Jasim PP (National Secretary, SOI) | Shariq Ansar (General Secretary, Fraternity Moment) | Imran Chowdhury (JMI student) | Masih al-Zusam Ansari (Lucknow University, Student Leader) | Afzal Khan (JMI student) | Instruction (JMI Student) | Amber (JMI student) etc. included

Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary,
SIO, of India
+91 8686869411
prs@sio-india.org , www.sio-india.org

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