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 Hidden Talents of Teen India

After the hectic schedule and stress of exams, young India will be busy in IPL sessions. Of course it is money making trick of corporate, including celebrities and politicians. What we see in big screens is not only the talent of India, there are many hidden talents waiting for encouragement and harnessing.

Meanwhile there was a T20 series for under-15 in Hyderabad which was conducted by Cricket Association of Telangana (CAT). The series was between teens from Sri Lanka and a team of talented students from rural Telangana formed by CAT. The team (CAT) which won the series includes four students from a school of Warangal namely Ansar School which was established only for orphan children.

In this series CAT won 3-0 and there was no answer with the Sri Lankan teens to reply for the talents of team CAT. Here, we need to congratulate not only winning team but the team who took pain to reach Hyderabad from Sri Lanka and tried hard; the sportsmen spirit was alive in both teams before and after the match.

In first match CAT scored 188/4 and Sri Lanka 105/5 in a 20over match. Sravan’s 59, L. Rubbu’s 48 and Sravan Kumar’s 47 made CAT team to lead the series from the beginning. Later in second match again CAT scored 185/4 and Sri Lanka was packed with just for 56/10. The game was in the hands of bowlers and Altaf Pasha an orphan student of Ansar School took 5 wickets including hat-trick and gave just 4 runs in his spell. The series was in hands of CAT but their momentum continued to win the third match also, even though Sri Lanka teens bat first and scored 107/5 in 20 overs, CAT teens chased it without any pressure in just 13 overs (111/4). This time CAT won with 8 wickets in hand and made the series white wash.

Here is the time for us to encourage such young talented students who are hidden. Most of the main stream media doesn’t cover such news as they don’t get any TRP for it, on the other side they are killing the young talents which are the future of our nation.

I congratulate the winning team (CAT) and also the spirit of Sri Lankan teens. I also congratulate the parents of all players, CAT organizers and especially the management of Ansar School Warangal for giving the parenthood to orphan children across the nation and educating and nurturing their talents. Last but not the least I congratulate SIO Warangal team for morally backing the students of Ansar School.

Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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