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 S.I.O. Students of Jamia and JNU, including, demanded removal of the sedition case against the students of Aligarh Muslim University

New Delhi AMU students’ union officials were barred from attending a joint press conference held at the Press Club of India, New Delhi today. This joint press conference was called by the students of Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union, Students Islamic Organization of India and the University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia.

The student parties expressed solidarity with the Aligarh Muslim University and called for the cancellation of sedition cases against 14 students of AMU. However, AMU students’ union officials were not allowed to attend the press conference in Delhi. Hamza Sufiyan (Vice President, AMU Students ‘Union) and Firdaus Ahmad (Cabinet Member, AMU Students’ Union) were stopped near Tappal while attending a press conference in Delhi and were forcibly repatriated. In addition, AMU alumni president Mashkur Usmani was also detained for an hour in Lodha separately. Mashkur was going to Aligarh to support the students.

The law of treason – which in itself is a draconian law – can be imposed only in cases where the sovereignty and integrity of the Indian Union is threatened by violent acts. It is beyond comprehension how this law was implemented in the case of the scuffle on the university campus, and also against the victims, not against the culprits. It should be noted that out of the 14 students against whom a case of treason has been filed, some were not even present in Aligarh at that time. Recent media reports suggest that police have not found any evidence of treason against AMU students. The carelessness and accidental manner in which the sedition law was imposed on the students shows the negative attitude of the Uttar Pradesh Police, and forces us to believe that it is only a thought-provoking controversy and tarnishing the image of the university Carried out under the strategy.

This is not the first time that the politics of social polarization is being created by creating controversy by making Aligarh Muslim University a shield. It is very unfortunate to see the Uttar Pradesh government just playing with the lives of innocent students to advance the agenda of hate and division. This action by the Uttar Pradesh government was condemned at the press conference and the organizers demanded that the false case of treason against 14 students of AMU should be quashed immediately. SIO officials said that strict action should be taken against ABVP and BJP Yuva Morcha activists who tried to spread unrest in the university campus.

The role played by the national media in these incidents is also extremely disappointing, calling the AMU a “University of Militants” and once again trying to provoke an unnecessary controversy over the AMU. According to the organizers proper action should be taken on such inflammatory and polarizing journalism and journalistic responsibility and media ethics should be restored. Students of SIO and other universities stand solidly and firmly with the AMU in this challenging time, and one after the fascist forces and their allied media houses have repeatedly used the university to discredit the name and for communal polarization. Are rejecting an effort.

The press conference was addressed by Syed Azharuddin (General Secretary, SIO), Meeran Haider (Jamia Millia Islamia), Nazil (University of Delhi) and Asif Idris (Councilor, JNUSU).

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