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Syed Azharuddin,

An Activist, An Author and An Entrepreneur.

He hails from Warangal, a beautiful city and second capital of Telangana State, India.

He has a Masters Degree in VLSI System Design with a background of Electronics and Communication Engineering, he also studied M.A. English & M.Sc Psychology.

He have worked as an Assistant Professor for two & half years and contributed articles on various students/youth issues in Youth Ki Awaaz, HansIndia, The Companion, The Radiance weekly, Counter currents are among few. He Served as the General Secretary of Students Islamic Organization of India, and have also participated in many international and national conferences representing SIO like International conference for Rohingya, Conference on Assam NRC, International Conference on Islamophobia and International Conference of IIFSO at Turkey, among others.

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 SIO conducts two-day workshop for students’ seminars

The Student Knots Islamic Organization of India organized a two-day workshop for students’ madrassas called “pre-conception”. This workshop was held on 03 and 04 October 2019 at Afzal Hussain Hall, Indian Institute of Islamic Studies, New Delhi. It was attended by 50 students studying in different religious educational institutions of the country.

The workshop began with the thought-provoking lesson of Maulana Farooq Khan, a leading Islamic scholar, translator Koran Hindi. You taught Surah Al-Ali. After the teaching of the Qur’an there was a time for mutual introduction. Workshop participants were introduced to each other. Brother Abu Talha Abdal (Secretary, SIO of India) delivered the opening words. You highlighted the purpose of this workshop and welcomed all participants. Brother Syed Azhar Ali (General Secretary, SIO of India) addressed the audience on the key title of the workshop, “Before the Tussudah”.

In this workshop, leading scholars and intellectuals of the country addressed the participants on various important topics. Maulana Mehdi Hassan Aini Qasimi spoke on the topic of ‘ideological war and Islam’. This was followed by a book talk program under which Khan Yasser talks about the book ‘I want to walk in the footsteps.’ You gave a brief introduction to the individuals whose lives are great lessons for students and young people.

Mr. Iqbal Mullah (Secretary, Department of Invitation, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind) emphasized ‘the importance of invitation in Indian pluralistic society’; Dr. Raazul Islam Nadvi (Former Secretary, Authorship Academy, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind) asked ‘Why is it necessary for scholars to get acquainted with modern sciences?’ And Brother Fawaz Shaheen (Secretary, SIO of India) spoke on the importance of ‘legal awareness’.

The last session of the workshop was an open session. Which was an opportunity for participants to question different issues. In this session, participants also expressed their views on holding this important workshop.

Finally, the keynote address was addressed by Brother Labid Shafi (President Organization, SIO of India).

Department of Media, SIO of India

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