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 SIO Telangana Deliberates Students on Budget 2016-17 in Hyderabad

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), Telangana Zone organised a deliberation meet on Union Budget 2016-17 at its state office in Lakkad Kote, Hyderabad on March 1, 2016.

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqi of Human Welfare Foundation AP and TS Chapter said that one should not just look at the figures of the budget speech but should also deliberate on that how the figures reach to the individuals of the country for whom the money is allocated.

He mentioned several of his experiences where his team found that funds are not being spent effectively at the social sector. He argued that the biggest problem in social sector is the spending of money as the government is never held accountable for the implementations of the scheme.

He raised his serious concerns about the souring relationships of Modi government with the NGOs. He said that NGOs are the important participants of social services in India and government must engage with them for the better implementation of its schemes and effective utilisation of the funds.

He further added that Muslim minorities constitute the 14% of India’s population but the funds allocated for their welfare is meagrely 0.96% of the total budget. He raised his concerns about the sincerity of the government in the welfare and vikas of the minorities.

He also mentioned that most of the times MCD (Minority Concentrated Districts) have not spent money effectively. He observed that during his field visits he found that in MCD districts roads and sewage works are done only for non Muslim localities and Muslim localities did not receive their due share of the allocated money.

He continued saying that government’s plan to infuse 25k crore rupees in to public sector bank is only to feed the rich and it will not leave anything positive for the poor. He said that though the overall figures shows good indication but result is doubtful.

During the past 4 years GDP’s share of the spending on education and health has declined to 50%. Prof Masood explained that how education is very important for the development of any country and that government must change its policy for increased spending on health and education sector.

Abrar Ali, Zonal Sec of SIO Telangana said that though it’s good to see that farmers are given little focus this time but its very sad to see decreasing share of GDP’s spending on education sector. He also said that meagre increment of 85.25 Crore in the allocation for Minorities development is very disappointing.

Syed Azharuddin, PR Sec of SIO Telangana moderated the program and Abrar Ali, Zonal Sec of SIO Telangana thanked the participants and resource persons.

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